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The Aztecs info page

AZTECS-indian tribes who lived in mexico at the 12th century . they belived in many gods and they sacrificed humans for their god of the sun. at 1440-1469, the Aztecs controles a lot of teritories in mexico and treed the prisoners with strong hand. The spains who came at 1519 were shoked by the way the Aztecs were secrifing prisoners to their god, so they had destroyd Aztecs kingdom and killed "Montasoma" (that was the Aztecs kings).

Aztec the band was born at 1993 in Beer-Sheva (small city from south Israel). The members of the band are: Sharon M (vocals), Shahar H (guitar), Eli C (guitar), Assaf A (bass) and Erez S (drums), since 93' they play diffrent melodic black/death metal. at 1994, Aztec was recorded a few songs in live session and released their first demo "Place of evil born". The live session was at "The nest" club in Beer sheva. at 1998, Aztec had decided to record their black stuff. The second demo was recorded at "Muskat Studio" by Tamir Muskat (16 channles studio). The producer was Zeev Tananboim from the band "SALEM". the demo was recorded in 30 days. The demo called "Loss of our final pride" and includes 10 tracks all writen by Aztec. tracks 3, 8, 10 written & performed by Nir Nakav from "SALEM" (the drumer), demo was masterd in "Master Disc" by Haim Gozali & Zeev Tananboim. Raven Music distributed the disc all around the world (if you want to see the distributed list go down page). Aztec also preformed at few metal collection albums, by Nordic Metal and Metal Hammer (israeli true metal force)

sound intrensting...for order: Raven Music: P.O.Box 212, Raanana 43101, ISRAEL, Tel/Fax:++972-9-7417881, Mail order line:++972-9-7412389.

Distributed by: ISRAEL (Raven Music), BENELUX (Hammerheart), SWEDEN (Border Music), DENMARK (Nordic Metal), ENGLAND (Shellshock), FRANCE (Season of mist), SPAIN (Unholy cross), FINLAND (H-S Music), GERMANY (Folter, Last Episode, Morbid), CZECH REPUBLIC+SLOVAKIA (M.A.B), GREECE (In Vision), ITALY (Blackstar), SINGAPORE+MALAYSIA (Dies Irae), MEXICO (Oz), NORWAY (Aftermath, Nocturnal Art), JAPAN (Soundholik), POLAND (Pagan), BRAZIL (Hellion), CYPRUSS (Groovy), AUSTRIA (NSM), PORTUGAL (Goldtrack), TURKEY (Hammer Music), USA (The End Rec, Relapse, Full Moon).

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