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What's new in metal

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Welcome to the new metal/rock albums page. At the Azteczine i'm trying to update the site everytime there's something new in metal music. in this site you can read about new metal/rock albums (i am trying to be very censorious), and to see the "Album of the month" you can bias our choice by sanding us responses about the new albums that in the albums list, and to tell us about new metal albums. do you want to send responses or details about new album ? click here ! You can also start your career as a ? all you have to do is to send us censure about new albums (with a picture of the album cover) and the grade you give to the album, and that's all. your censure will show on the "New albums page". To send a censure report click here

The album of the month

Dream Theater - "Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory" (Elektra)
This new album is actually composition that including parts from the old one "Metropolis" that showup on their second album "Images And Words". The album is start like the track "Mother" (Pink Floyd) after few minutes of clock ticks and a voice of an analyst in a middle of hypnosis ministration. The music are more softer then the other albums, sometimes there's a flashing in the music that remind the albums "Awake" and "Change Of Season" melodicly and dynamicly. the heavy is missing like it was in "When Day And Dream Unite" and "Images And Words". The producers of the new albums are Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci. The sound of the album is great like only Dream Theater know how to do. so....if you looking for some cultivation, go to the Theater...Dream Theater. (Dado from Germany) (9)

Type O Negative - "World Coming Down" (Roadrunner)
Type O Negative was always seems like very cynical band. Impotant earmark in that band is the low heavy sound because of the fat bass sound that including dist. and chorus.(like the other guitars). The first album "The Smell Of... was good start that maked the band look like something new the album was included cover version to "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath). The second album was "Bloody Kisses" that serve us well. At the new album "World Coming Dawn" the band sounds very optimists ever. Peter Steele play in the album on guitar and keyboard (usually he was play the bass and mic). Threr is a parts that including citar and tambora. The album is a qualitative and easy from the latest ones but... great one. (Dado from Germany) (8.5)
Soilwork - "The Chain Heart Machine" (Listenable Records)
The preference album that came out last year "Steel Bath Suicide" was great. The album was included death speed tracks, the sound was heavy and full and the tracks was very disgruntledly and authenticly, it was a geart album. The sound of the new album remind me the sound of "Dismember" and "Entombed" but still sounds up to date for the 90's, The anger is still out there. Even that we use to say that the first time is the best, you have to try the second's worth that. (Ben from US) (8)
Cannibal Corpse - "Bloodthirs" (Metal Blade)
Lots of people says that this album is marking the begining of the end for the Cannibals. "Bloodthirs" including 11 uncompromise professionalism tracks, with a professional production and sound. Cannibal Corpse do what they know how to do best...qualitative death. Advisable for the people that know what death metal is are. (Dado from Germany) (8.5)
Megadeth - "Risk" (Capitol Records)
If you are looking for some stuf like "Peace Sells..." or "Youthanasia" forget that. The complexity guitar solos from Freedman, the grating voice of Dave and the rythem secsion (thanks to Ellfson) are still there, but something worng with this new album. Megadeth was trying to do somethig new with computerization and engineering but...that did'nt work that well with great band like Megadeth, band who knows exactly how to play metal, and after glorious past the new album is a "little" disappointing. This days when the metal music is start to wake up, Megadeth was should have done better. Megadeth was taken too much "Risk" but it was not worth that. (Ben from US) (4.5)
Rage - "Ghosts" (Gun)
"Ghosts" the 15th album from the great band Rage. Peter "Peavy" Wagner, the father of the band, he's the founder of Rage, the members was always changed but that did'nt hurt the quality of Rage. The new album sound very aggressive and heavy, it's a geat album, as long as you listen to the album you learn to like him. "Back In Time", "Tomorrows Yesterday" and "Beginning Of The World" are the best tracks in the new album, for those who miss the trash times. Buy it. (Dado from Germany) (9)
U.D.O. - "Holy" (Nuclear Blast)
After "Solid" and "No Limit" "Holy" is the 3th album from U.D.O. as known as Udo Dirkschneider the little man with the great voice. The rythem, the voice, the sounds gives us this great album, the bests tracks are "Recall The Sin", "Shout It Out", "Friends will be friends" and "Thunder In The Tower". The guitar sound of Stefan, the new guitar player Igor and the bass of Piti are makes this album to something realy good. (Hammerman from IL) (9)
Kreator - "Endorama" (Drakkar)
The new album remaind me a little bit the last material "Outcast". Kreator... what can i writte about that band ? they still the happy owners of the great album ever "Pleasure to kill" that reputed the best trash metal album ever creat. The tracks are affecteds from gothic music, industrial and psychodalic. If you are looking for something new from Kreator that's your album but, for the Kreator fans foreseen a little chagrin cause Kreator knows as a band that know how to "Kreat" trash music. (Hammerman from IL) (7)
Bonfire - "Fuel To The Flames" (BMG)
"Fuel To..." is one of the bests new albums i've heard this year. The band Hans Ziller, Chris Lausmann, Uwekohler, Jurgen Wheeler and Claus Lessmann are mades this album great. The songs "Daytona Nights", break Down The Walls", "Heat In The Glow" and "If It Wasn't For You" are the best tracks on this great new album. There are also 2 politicals tracks "Proud Of My Country" and "Thumbs Up For Europe" that talk about the European union and about the necessity of the young generation to boost that union for better future in the continent. All the tracks are well developeds with melodic melody. This album for those who likes heavy rock music, for those who likes death/black metal...try something eles. (Dado from Germany) (9)
And Oceans - "The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts" (Season Of Mist)
The preference album of the Finland black metal band. The album was realesed at the begining of 99'. The album including great combination of black metal with folk music. The sound is above good, start from the cover design and end up at the great black metal tracks. Its too bad that in the end of the album, the tracks begin to sounds very similar to one each other, but this is not abusive the quality of the album. With preference album like this, who know what the future observer to And Oceans. (Hammerman from IL) (8.5)

The best grade

Satyricon - "Rebel Extravaganza" (Nuclear Blast)
After 3 years of silence they came back dreadful then ever. This album is came to tell us that them still the best in blackmetal. You can't find in the album nice harmony songs with nice sounds of keyboards, but you can find gratings guitars and fast industrial drums. One thing you can say for sure about this album..."the embodiment of the hate". Only for mentally sicks... (Hammerman from IL) (9.5)
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