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CALIFORNICATION-new album from the Red hots

The new album "Californication" from the bigest funk/rock band the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" is out now! A great new album that including 15 new tracks come to remind us the old great sound of the Red Hots. Go to new albums to read more about the new album. (eldad)
Now you can also visit the Red Hot Chili Peppers home page on the internet The Red Hots fan club

New on the net

The Pearl Jam homepage site. A great site all about Pearl Jam "News, Sounds, Bios, Lyrics, Links, Pictures, Articles and many more...(go to the Unilinks page)

Eiffel 65 spin "Blue" into gold (sonic)

The Italian dance-pop trio got together to create one song. But "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" has become an international pop smash, and they're now feeling a lot more like a band.(go to uninews)
Fourteen artists contributed songs created with little more than the Roland Groovebox sequencer for the album At Home With the Groovebox (April 4). Others on the disc include Pavement, Sean Lennon and Gershon Kingsley. (Uninews)

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